“List your favorite ways to procrastinate.” Er, ok…

It might not come as a shock to anyone visiting this site at this point, but I’m relatively new to the whole blogging thing.  Perhaps sensing this, the lovely people at WordPress decided to give me a prompt, a few in fact:
1)List your favorite ways to procrastinate.

2)Describe your earliest experience of death. How did you feel?

3) What topics do you like to debate?

It seems interesting that, with an internet already filled with so much meaningless bilge, Worpress feels a need to encourage people with no original ideas to write.  That said, I have used this as a jumping off point myself, in a way that is probably far less metatextual than I imagine, and in fact makes me look sneery and lazy. Which is bad.

Still, anyone who’s ever used facebook or twitter will know simply how boring people are. The most often repeated topic of any facebook status is how bored that person is, and to be frank, I’m not surprised. If when you’re bored your solution is to tell similarly bored people that you are bored then you will always be bored.  Twitter is similarly content-free. Lady Gaga (singer, self-publicist), the most followed person on twitter’s most recent tweet was “It’s always, and forever will be, about the work.” With no surrounding context. What does that even mean?!

I suppose it’s the democratic nature of the internet that means that everyone gets their say, but in the same vein, the sheer amount of such people doing just that means that no one gets their say, because we can’t filter out the crap.

And here I am, typing as if anyone reads this or cares about my opinion. In my own little comfortable bubble.

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One thought on ““List your favorite ways to procrastinate.” Er, ok…

  1. I have replied! https://iwanttheconch.wordpress.com/2012/08/24/hello-world/
    I found this didn’t really settle on a point, but was pleasant to read and hope that my reply is similar 😉

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